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April 1, 2022

YSEALI YOUnified 2021

YOUnified is an annual community service initiative that celebrates YSEALI’s anniversary on December 3 and the power of YSEALI members to positively transform their communities across Southeast Asia. YOUnified combines the words YOUTH and UNIFIED to demonstrate YSEALI members’ ingenuity in developing solutions to local, national and regional challenges.

This year we are asking you to participate and celebrate the spirit of YSEALI through community service throughout the month of December.

These acts of volunteerism will benefit not only you but those around you. By giving goods, services, and time at no cost to those around you, you are strengthening your community and empowering yourself as a leader. Whether you are cleaning up a beach or painting a school, running a virtual program, you can make a difference. No act is too small.

Please remember that YOUnified activities should be safe and follow local laws and regulations in regard to your country’s COVID-19 situation and restrictions. Virtual events count as YOUnified events.  

Participating in YOUnified
There are two ways to participate: you can volunteer at an event near you or you can organize your own. During the month of December, we want you to join forces to demonstrate the power of Youth Unified to create a positive impact through community service across Southeast Asia.

Plan on volunteering or doing any community service activities for YOUnified. If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer check out the YOUnified activities on our Padlet.

Community service events include everything from picking up trash, to raising awareness about important issues through a virtual event, to volunteering for a local NGO, to planting trees or mentoring students. Organizing one is easier than you think, download the YSEALI YOUnified Toolkit [PDF] to help you start planning. Please note that YOUnified events should be free of charge and are self-funded. 

To sign up as a YOUnified event organizer, please submit your event on Padlet. Your event will be verified and approved by the YSEALI coordinators. If your event did not get approved that means your event did not meet the requirements.

Promoting YOUnified
Use the YOUnified Facebook frame and Instagram frame!

YOUnified 2021 Upcoming Events

Click on our Padlet here to submit your YOUnified activity or to check out the YOUnified activities available for you to volunteer in.

Please note that all group members may create and attend events at their sole discretion, expense and risk. Providing personal contact information is at the sole discretion and risk of each individual. Inclusion of an event on this list is not an endorsement by the U.S. government. The U.S. government cannot be held accountable for anything related to these events or their promotion.