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YOUnified is an annual community service initiative that celebrates YSEALI’s anniversary on December 3 and the power of YSEALI members to positively transform their communities across Southeast Asia. YOUnified combines the words YOUTH and UNIFIED to demonstrate YSEALI members’ ingenuity in developing solutions to local, national and regional challenges.

These acts of volunteerism will benefit not only you but those around you. By giving goods, services, and time at no cost to those around you, you are strengthening your community and empowering yourself as a leader. Whether cleaning up a beach, painting a school, or running a virtual program, you can make a difference. No act is too small.


How can you participate in YOUnified?

There are two ways to participate: organize your own YOUnified activities or volunteer at a YOUnified event near you. During the month of December, we want you to join forces to demonstrate the power of Youth Unified to create a positive impact through community service across Southeast Asia.

I want to organize YOUnified activities!

Be a part of the movement and start your own initiatives! You can join YOUnified by arranging YOUnified activities with your group or YSEALI friends and giving back to your community. Community service events include everything; from picking up trash to raising awareness about important issues through a virtual event, volunteering for a local NGO, planting trees, or mentoring students.

Organizing one is easier than you think! Use the YOUnified resources below for you to start planning:

Please note that YOUnified events should be free of charge and are self-funded.

I want to volunteer!

Join YOUnified activities as volunteers or check out the YOUnified Padlet to find available YOUnified volunteering opportunities near you. Contact the YOUnified organizers to offer your support and grow your connection with the YSEALI network through YOUnified!

Please note that all group members may create and attend events at their sole discretion, expense, and risk. Providing personal contact information is at each individual’s sole discretion and risk. The inclusion of an event on this list is not an endorsement by the U.S. government. The U.S. government cannot be held accountable for anything related to these events or their promotion.

Introducing: YOUnified Padlet

Check out our YOUnified Padlet! Here is what you can do on the YOUnified Padlet to leverage your YOUnified experience:

  • YOUnified organizers: Advertise your YOUnified project. Post your YOUnified project on Padlet and invite other YSEALI friends to participate in your event! You can also open a volunteering opportunity for the YSEALI members to help support your project. The more involved, the more your project can impact communities.
  • YOUnified volunteers: Find YOUnified projects and offer your help to support them! Involvement in a community project can grow your network, learn new skills, and gain experience working on a community project.
  • YOUnified organizers and volunteers: Share updates of your YOUnified activities and inspire others about what you do for the communities! Tell the stories. Share your experience. Post your pictures or videos. Share the lessons you learned. Tell others so they are inspired to do the same for their communities!

Check out the YOUnified Padlet here!

**The YSEALI Team reserves the right to remove submissions deemed offensive, harmful, or inappropriate without notice.

Get a YOUnified Certificate

To recognize your contribution to YOUnified, you’ll be eligible to request a YOUnified e-certificate for the YOUnified projects you have successfully completed. We will provide a certificate registration form in January to request a YOUnified certificate based on your experience in organizing or volunteering in YOUnified projects. The eligibility of the certificate provision will be determined by the completion of your YOUnified projects and the relevant experience you provide in the form. Stay tuned for more information in January!

Let’s continue to spread hope and inspire others to take action and create change. We can’t wait to see the great things you’ll do for the communities and region!