YSEALI Workshop Success Story

Man talking to audience.School Of Passion (SOP) successfully launched on May 13, 2014 in Burma.  SOP is a great example of how YSEALI Workshops inspire ideas, collaborations and results.  The project, spearheaded by Dato Saifuddin, aims to tackle education related issues in ASEAN countries.  SOP engages with young people in underserved communities and high school students.  By providing free and easy access to books, SOP aims to instill the habit of reading into young people.  SOP seeks to develop and empower youth through career education, motivational talks and English lessons.  By fostering a welcoming environment that encourages young people to interact with one another and share their opinions and passions, SOP provides training and skill sets that encourages the appreciation of books and education in a fun manner.

SOP aims to increase its support through the utilization of Facebook, flyers, canvassing and school newsletters.  Partnering with SOP are Akademi Belia (Youth Academy) Malaysia, US Embassy ASEAN Region, and other private and public sector businesses and organizations.

Another session is in the works and will be held in Cambodia.