The Medical Devices Regulatory Harmonization – Region-Wide Training

trainingSingapore – The U.S. Department of Commerce collaborates with U.S. government-funded ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment (ACTI) project to ensure that ASEAN’s standards-related measures are trade facilitating. Work in this area is designed to include support to ASEAN in adoption and implementation of a directive on medical device regulations. As such, upon request of the ACCSQ-Medical Device Product Working Group (MDPWG) in 2012, ACTI’s predecessor – the ASEAN-US Technical Assistance Facility developed a training program for use in the ASEAN Medical Device Multiyear Training Program. The program objective is to enhance the capability of the ASEAN regulators and the medical device industry in both the interpretation and the eventual implementation of the ASEAN Medical Device Directive (AMDD) in 2014/2015 which will facilitate the trade in medical devices in the region.

This Medical Devices Regulatory Harmonization – Region-Wide Training in Singapore on 5-6 May is the first workshop in 2014 following a series of similar training activities in 2013. Three additional sub-regional and in-country workshops will follow this training in 2014. ACTI is coordinating this workshop with the ASEAN Secretariat, MDPWG and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Photos from the training is available here.