Standards for Safer, Healthier ASEAN communities

Standards  make people’s lives better. Common standards in ASEAN will improve technology transfer, collaboration, and mutual trust among ASEAN countries. In the latest InnovASEAN, guest blogger Framelia Vierner Anonas discusses the Philippines-led project to establish scientific standards to facilitate the integration of products such as cosmetics, electronics, prepared foodstuffs, medical devices, traditional medicine and health supplements into the ASEAN market.  And, she focuses on standards development work for ASEAN in two new areas –  disaster mitigation and tele-health.

Framelia Viernes Anonas is a Senior Science Research Specialist at the Science and Technology Information Institute, the information and promotion arm of the Philippines Department of Science and Technology. InnovASEAN is a blog dedicated to the application of science, technology, and innovation to ASEAN’s challenges and opportunities.  It is maintained by the U.S. Mission to ASEAN, and moderated by Dr. Montira Pongsiri, the Mission’s Science Advisor.

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