Spotlight: Viseth Sean

Viseth Sean
Viseth Sean

YSEALI members are making a difference. In the coming weeks, we will feature young leaders across the ASEAN region who have participated in YSEALI programs and show how joining this community has helped them grow professionally and personally.

Viseth Sean, 23
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts

Viseth Sean thought he was done with school when he got his first job as a software developer. What he didn’t expect was that his work would “motivate me to go for graduate study, which will in turn greatly contribute to my country and community.” Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, he is now pursuing a master’s degree in the U.S., with which he wants to improve the use of technology in public institutions back home.

Viseth is grateful for the ways his education has prepared him for a career. “Through interactions with fellow students, professors, supervisors and co-workers … I learned social skills that I did not even sign up for, in addition to the degree,” he says.

YSEALI has also been an important part of his journey. It has given him the “opportunity to learn, grow and give back to my community together with many potential young leaders from ASEAN.” Together with friends from Burma, he started the School of Passion, which provides young people in underserved communities with free and easy access to books.

Viseth’s tips for getting a job:

  • Do an internship or volunteer job during your time as a student. Recruiters would prefer someone with some work experience or involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • Start looking for jobs early: Be prepared to apply for a number of jobs you are interested in, and have a back-up plan (for example, smaller companies or institutions).
  • Do your homework before you interview: Look at the company’s website to make sure you are aware of its mission and to show the interviewer that you’re really interested in working there.
  • Prepare an elevator pitch to introduce yourself within about 30 seconds. And be prepared for both behavioral and technical questions.