Spotlight: Ranitya Nurlita

Ranitya Nurlita
Ranitya Nurlita

YSEALI members are making a difference. In the coming weeks, we will feature young leaders across the ASEAN region who have participated in YSEALI programs and show how joining this community has helped them grow professionally and personally.

Ranitya Nurlita, 23
Bogor Agricultural University

Ranitya Nurlita’s philosophy is to “always be a learner,” a tenet that she applies both in and outside the classroom. That mindset served her well during a Study of the U.S. Institutes program on global environmental issues earlier in 2014. Ranitya joined the six-week program in Hawaii and Colorado because she wanted to learn about the “culture of Americans who [have a] very green lifestyle and [how it] hopefully can [be] implemented in Indonesia.”

Thanks to YSEALI, Ranitya is able to turn what she learned in the U.S. into action back home. She and a team of other YSEALI members received a grant for their ASEAN Reusable Bag Campaign, which aims to reduce the use of plastic bags by promoting reusable bags and containers. They hope their campaign will inspire a wider movement and a switch to a green lifestyle within the ASEAN community. “Hopefully this campaign can be a movement to eco-business,” she says.

Ranitya’s tips for starting a project:

  • Identify and focus on solving a global problem.
  • Be creative and make sure to collaborate with other people.
  • Take advantage of project-planning tools like SWOT analysis or the Social Lean Canvas.