Spotlight: Long Nguyen

YSEALI members are making a difference. In the coming weeks, we will feature young leaders across the ASEAN region who have participated in YSEALI programs and show how joining this community has helped them grow professionally and personally.

Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen, 23
Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Long Nguyen is the top-ranked student at his university. But what makes him an exceptional medical student is how he has translated his love of his hometown into projects to improve its health care standards. As a contributor to one of the most popular youth websites in Vietnam, he frequently shares stories of conditions in his hometown.

Long’s advice for anyone looking to get ahead: “Be extraordinary. It’s hard to be successful if we do the same thing as everyone else. Find other edges and push past them. That is how you get noticed.” He also recommends networking. “Find successful people in your field and learn from them. And don’t forget to be an active listener.”