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Smart Cities Business Innovation Fund
February 4, 2022

Smart Cities Business Innovation Fund

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DOCUMENT Combined 2.2.22.Business Innovation [.pdf 411KB]

Brief Description of Scope of Work:

Under this task order, CN3S invites proposals for funding a sustainable net-zero/low carbon solution to address a documented urban challenge according to the criteria below. This call for proposals is funded by the U.S. ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership (USASCP) of the U.S. Department of State.

Eligibility to Apply: Stakeholders (small businesses, NGOs and universities) from eligible ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) Countries: 

  • Cambodia and Laos (environment and health projects only)
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam 

Solutions may be technological, nature-based, financial, organizational, or take another form to meet the services needs in the water, transport, energy, waste, health, education, housing and/or other priority urban sector. Supporting materials that describe the local urban challenge (e.g., local planning documents, government policies, university research, etc.) are required.

Applications from Cambodia and Laos must be for environmental and health related projects only and may involve public universities.



Question #1: Do you have a list of cities to be chosen for this RFP, or are we able to choose based on our existing program?

We welcome proposals involving any ASEAN cities, keeping in mind the cities will not be funded but, rather, their partners or stakeholders with the innovation/sustainable solution.

Question #2: Is it alright to also share this broadly with my networks?

Yes! Please share.

Question #3: Is it alright for one applicant to submit 2 different proposals?


Question #4: Whether an overseas company (not from ASEAN network countries, but they are from such as Spain, Japan, UK, …) can be a subcontractor in the consortium? The consortium will be combined by a Vietnamese company and institution/university.

Yes, as long as the lead organization is an ASEAN legal entity.

Question #5: Where is the Scope of Work (SOW) mentioned on page 2 of the RFP?

The SOW is appended as pages 4-6 of the RFP.

Question #6: [Redacted] is an international non-government organization headquartered in Prague and registered in Cambodia since 2008 where we implement projects through our local office here. Are we eligible to apply?

As long as funds are used in Cambodia to benefit Cambodian stakeholders to address urban documented environmental issues, a proposal is welcomed.

Question #7: When you mention that only “environmental” projects are allowed for Cambodia do have more details on what means? For example, would an urban solar-based solution mitigating impacts of climate change be considered “environmental”?

Environmental projects such as your solar example are acceptable.

Question #8: We wonder if we could get more details about the scope of work.

Refer to pages 4-6 on the RFP.

Question #9: Is there a proposal template and partner identification form that could be shared with us.

There are no forms, please create your own.

Question #10: We wonder if you could provide us more information on the types of projects that qualify for the funding.

Please refer to the SOW on pages 4-6.

Question #11: We are the Ministry of information, Culture, & Tourism; our project is to get rid of waste in tourist destinations in Laos. Are we eligible?

No, Eligibility is limited to small businesses, NGOs, and universities.

Question #12: Is there a particular population density or size that would need to qualify as urban?

Population must be at least 50,000 for urban area.