Science and Stewardship: Coral Triangle Countries Launch Cutting Edge Climate Change Adaptation Guidebook

In an area spanning 6 million square kilometers and including six different countries, the Coral Triangle is home to the most diverse coral and fish species on earth. It is also home to 363 million people much of whom depend directly on local marine and coastal resources for their income and livelihoods. Unfortunately, 90% of the coral triangle is at risk – overfishing has affected almost every reef in the region, destructive fishing practices are common, land-based pollution is significant, and coastal development is a growing threat.

In the latest InnovASEAN blog, the U.S. Agency for International Development- Regional Development Mission for Asia discusses the Coral Triangle Initiative formed by the six CTI Countries to address the challenges, the celebration of Coral Triangle day, and the launched of Climate Change Adaptation Guidebook as a tool for governments and communities to conduct climate outreach.

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