Press Release: Empowerering ASEAN Scientists to Effectively Engage with Policymakers   


Science Communication Workshop Empowered ASEAN Scientists to Effectively Engage with Policymakers   

 The Philippines, 14 October 2018 – Today 37 ASEAN scientists from the 2018/19 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship and three previous fellowship cycles gathered in Cebu, the Philippines, to participate in a 3-day science communication and policy advocacy workshop organised by the ASEAN Foundation with the support of ASEAN and the U.S. Government through U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The workshop aims to empower fellows and fellowship alumni alike to get better insights on how a policy is developed and to acquire the ability to influence and enhance the policy development process.

Reputable trainers and resource persons are involved to lead the workshop, and to ensure that all participants will be properly equipped with the tools to effectively engage with key stakeholders as well as a better comprehension about policy development in respective countries. The takeaways from this workshop will help the fellows for the 2018/19 Fellowship cycle to enhance their plan of actions and make their efforts in promoting science-based policymaking more impactful throughout the 1-year fellowship. As for the fellowship alumni, this workshop will not only empower them to continue the mission that were given to them during their fellowships, but also to bring them up to speed with the latest science and technology-related collaboration across ASEAN region.

“This workshop is important for fellows and fellowship alumni alike as it provides an avenue for us to strengthen our skills in communicating science to the public, transform our research into policies and gain the necessary knowledge to provide science-based policy solutions,” said Dir. Glenn Banaguas, alumni of the 2016/17 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship, who initiated the ASEAN Science Diplomat programme as an evidence to his commitment in championing science communication in climate change.

While, Dr Kay Lwin Tun, a fellow of 2018/19 from Myanmar mentioned that “Capacity building training improved our public speaking skills, presentation skills and communication skills. We understand on the personality concept of different people and how we can communicate with them, how we can contribute our evidence-based practice in policy-making process”. Dr Kay develops recommendations on the regulation and policy for climate resilient for Myanmar fisheries and aquaculture dependent people from climate change challenges.

The workshop also presents a unique opportunity for all fellows to share experience and best practices with one another, and most importantly, to build stronger network among fellows. Through FGD session in the 3rd day of the workshop, all fellows will be encouraged to exchange ideas to come up with engagement platforms that are accessible for fellows and fellowship alumni and are able to ignite meaningful collaboration among fellows, which may lead to potential initiatives that can create a sustainable and positive impact in ASEAN region.

Following the conclusion of the workshop on 16 October 2018, fellows of the 2018/19 Fellowship will be facilitated to observe the 75th Committee on Science and Technology (COST) meeting and the 8th ASEAN – US Consultation on Science and Technology that will take place from 17 – 18 October 2018 in Cebu. By providing such opportunity, it will enable fellows to understand better about consensus building of ASEAN as well as to provide more complete insights regarding ASEAN’s cooperation on science and technology.




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