SERVIR Mekong Grants Application

The  United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to announce a request for applications for SERVIR Mekong:  

The goal of SERVIR Mekong is to enhance climate change adaptation and landscape management in the Lower Mekong through the increased access to and application of geospatial data, earth observations, and predictive models. These tools are particularly effective for understanding and managing risk, visualizing global and landscape level change, and can greatly enhance decision-making for sustainable development. SERVIR Mekong will join a global network of SERVIR hubs supported by USAID and NASA.

The SERVIR Mekong program will support a regionally-focused institution in the Lower Mekong region that will work with a network of partners to pursue the following objectives:

  • Building and institutionalizing technical capacity of government decision makers and key civil society groups to integrate geospatial analysis into their decision-making, planning, and communications.
  • Improving the sharing of user-tailored geospatial data, products, and services.
  • Developing new high quality user-tailored data, tools, applications, and models to address on-the-ground priorities.

SERVIR Mekong will serve Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam over a five year period at an estimated total funding level of $7.5M.

Applications are due by April 25, 2014. 

Please circulate this opportunity widely.