Welcome to InnovASEAN

Welcome to InnovASEAN, a blog dedicated to the application of science, technology, and innovation to ASEAN’s challenges and opportunities.  The blog is maintained by the U.S. Mission to ASEAN.

Why InnovASEAN?

The challenges facing the ASEAN region are diverse and complex.  With urbanization and economic growth trends, how can ASEAN ensure the sustainable use of the region’s natural resources while protecting human health?  What can be done to combat transnational crime such as human trafficking and the narcotics trade?  How can ASEAN respond more effectively to pandemics and natural disasters? How will ASEAN reverse deforestation, animal trafficking, and the degradation of the environment?  How will ASEAN succeed in narrowing the development gap between the 10 ASEAN member states, and establish real connectivity amongst the region’s 600 million people?

Flooding in Thailand (Image Credit: AP)

The one thing that is certain is that the solutions to these problems will require innovation – new ways of thinking about problems as well as new ways of applying proven science and technology.  It will also require teamwork – among ASEAN nations and between ASEAN and the rest of the world – as well as honest dialogue about the challenges and their consequences.  This is what InnovASEAN is all about.

What’s Ahead?

InnovASEAN will be published every two weeks, and will highlight topics that are currently being discussed within ASEAN and the global community. We’ll also be recruiting scientists and leaders from throughout the region as “guest bloggers”, offering their own innovative ideas and approaches.

Former ASEAN Secretary General Dr. Surin Pitsuwan at the ASEAN Humanitarian Centre in Jakarta. The AHA Center utilizes modern technology to help coordinate relief when strikes anywhere in ASEAN.

What Can You Do?

InnovASEAN is not about telling readers how to solve problems.  It is about engaging ASEAN scientists, educators, students, business leaders and government officials in a free exchange of ideas about the challenges facing the region and their solutions.  So how can you get involved?

  • If you like a post from InnovASEAN, share with your friends.
  • If you have an opinion about a particular post – supportive or opposing – or an idea for new topic, leave a comment.
  • If you have an expertise in a specific field that would be worth exploring in InnovASEAN, contact us about being a guest blogger.

Enjoy InnovASEAN!  Thank you.

By Dr. Montira Pongsiri, PhD, MPH, Science Advisor at the U.S. Mission to ASEAN