Finalists from the 2015 ASEAN Youth Video Contest

Finalists of the 2015 ASEAN Youth Video Contest in Singapore.
Finalists of the 2015 ASEAN Youth Video Contest in Singapore.

The finalists from the 2015 ASEAN Youth Video Contest share their perspectives on what the ASEAN Community means to youth and were selected to join a video production workshop in Singapore last month on the basis of draft storyboards they submitted for the initial round of the contest.  During the training, they learned production techniques and received mentoring from a video production expert.  Over the past month they have been putting their new skills to work in order to bring their storyboards to life.



The finalists:

1.       Khairuddin Kiffle, Brunei Darussalam,  “Bringing the People Together for a Better Future”.

2.       Rathanak Khon, Cambodia,  “The Door to Prosperity”.

3.       Rhendy Dewanto, Indonesia, “#ASEANisU”

4.       Soulivong Sengsoulay, Lao PDR, “The ASEAN Community, the Answer to Beautiful Diversity!”

5.       Chew Shwu Chyn, Malaysia, “The Amazing Journey”.

6.       Thuta Lynn, Myanmar, “Closer Than We Thought”.

7.       Karen Santor, Philippines, “Epic 10”.

8.       Jabez Koh, Singapore, “Being A Brother is Better Than Being A Super Hero”.

9.       Kusuma Suksri, Thailand, “The Blue Notebook”.

10.    Pham Quoc Anh Duy, Viet Nam, “The Mekong River Goes Through ASEAN community”.

Their final masterpieces are available at the ASEAN Secretariat YouTube Channel and the top three winners will be announced during ASEAN Day on August 8th.  Winners will receive cash prizes and have their videos shown to senior ASEAN leaders at the ASEAN Summit in November 2015.

The link to the videos here.