Policy Connect

Policy Connect works with ASEAN countries to improve the business environment for growth, trade, innovation and investment under various work plans.

Connect is supporting the launch of the ASEAN Single Window (ASW), which integrates customs procedures across all 10 member countries to expedite cargo clearance and reduce transaction costs and time, effectively lowering the cost of doing business across the region and facilitating ASEAN’s participation in global supply chains. Currently, it is now being utilized to facilitate more rapid clearance of over 25,000 shipments a month. Learn more.

Since February 2016, USTR has contributed to the success of Policy, Business, and Innovation pillars through its ongoing work under the 2006 U.S.-ASEAN Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement. Highlights include:

  • Hosting in partnership with State and Commerce, the ASEAN Economic Ministers for a roadshow to San Francisco and Silicon Valley focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Concluding negotiation of two texts: the ASEAN-U.S. Cooperation in Fostering Transparency and Good Regulatory Practices and the ASEAN-U.S. Cooperation in Fostering International Investment. The Ministers endorsed these texts, which serve as a shared understanding of best practices in these areas, at the ASEAN Economic Ministers meeting in August 2016.  USTR is also working to conclude the ASEAN-U.S. Cooperation in Fostering Cooperation in Telecommunications and Information Technology Services.
  • Delivering the first U.S.-ASEAN Trade Workshop on e-commerce issues in August 2016, through the U.S.-Singapore Third Country Training Program.