Commander of United States Pacific Command (PACOM) Pays Visit to ASEAN Secretariat

Two men shaking hands. (Mission Image)JAKARTA, 7 February 2013 – Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, Commander of the United States Pacific Command (PACOM), joined U.S. Ambassador to ASEAN David L. Carden in a visit to the ASEAN Secretariat this afternoon to meet with ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh.  The 30-minute meeting covered a wide range of security topics including ASEAN-U.S. cooperation in such areas as disaster response, counter-terrorism, and maritime security as well as non-military activities.

Admiral Locklear thanked SG Minh for ASEAN’s leadership in the region, and provided him with an overview of PACOM’s contributions to the U.S. rebalancing to Asia strategy.
“ASEAN’s efforts to promote regional cooperation and build regional capacity will help safeguard the peace and prosperity of region,” said Adm. Locklear. “PACOM stands ready to work with ASEAN, its Member States, and other external partners as we work to strengthen the foundations for a stable and rules-based Asia-Pacific security architecture.”

SG Minh thanked Admiral Locklear and Ambassador Carden for the United States’ continued support of ASEAN.  “ASEAN appreciates the important role the United States plays in the region and will continue to play as ASEAN works toward our fulfillment of our economic community goals in 2015,” SG Minh said. “This is one reason ASEAN decided to elevate our relationship with the United States to the strategic level this year.”

During the meeting, Admiral Locklear, Ambassador Carden, and SG Minh also exchanged views on other political-security issues, as well as additional engagement opportunities for the United States.