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Alumni Highlight: Sopheak Ray
March 28, 2022



Sopheak Ray

Title and Organization: Dr., Deputy Director General, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

Year of Award: 2014

Country of Citizenship: Cambodia

U.S. Host Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology

Research Topic: Preliminary Design of Large Scale Waster Water Treatment by using Micro-Algae

Research Updates:

After the research completion in May 2015 at RIT, the research results were presented at Biotechnology International Congress 2016 at Bangkok, Thailand. The research provides the detailed knowledge on the design. The research can be expanded into community especially the city waste water treatment with biological concept by using micro-algae. At Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) as host institution, there is no further development after the model and blueprint have been developed. Host professors and I think about the possibility of research collaboration to bring the research to the next level. There is no application yet but there are high interests from various researchers especially from environmental researchers and there is high potential to integrate to sustainable city development plan (Energy and Environmental Benefit).

Continuity from Initial Research:

There is still high motivation for research collaboration between U.S. and Cambodia and we will set up this initiative for the research project possible with the searched fund. Besides, after the teaching and research work at university (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) for many years, I have been promoted to be “Deputy Director General of Directorate General of Higher Education “ in 2017 for supporting research at national level especially on STEM and Agriculture Field. So, it has narrow time to have direct engagement on research activities.

Quotes and Feedback:

The program allows me to interact with prominent professors in U.S. and to enhance the collaboration possibilities. Also, it gave me the chance to see the education and research culture in US, and to provide many lessons and key messages for improving education and research in Cambodia. As with my current position in Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, it is really helpful for experiences that learn during this program, and to engage with universities in Cambodia on improving higher education as I am one person in this mission.