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Alumni Highlight: Dr. Praowpan Tansitpong
March 29, 2022






Dr. Praowpan Tansitpong


Title and Organization: Assistant Professor, Mahidol University International College

Year of Award: 2016

Country of Citizenship: Thailand

U.S. Host Institution: University of Washington

Research Topic: An Investigation of Medication Process from Large Electronic Records: Operations and Welfare Development Approach for ASEAN Community

Research Updates:

Depicting critical issues in treating chronic disease and opioid prescriptions, usage of electronic patient and prescription records brought awareness to news medias, government and policy makers as a new approach to understand and improve health system.

Continuity from Initial Research:

The project is further expanded to investigate population health records in Thailand (File 41) with collaborations of Mahidol University International College Business Administration and Science Division, Mahidol University Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, and Ministry of Public Health. The new project looks into new variables such as  pre-existing health condition and government prescription guidelines.

Quotes and Feedback:

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program gave me an opportunity to truly understand health systems of the two worlds: to see the gaps of health inequity and to seek further for solutions using analytical approaches.