5G Capacity Building Workshop for ASEAN Takes Place

The U.S. Mission to ASEAN and the Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN held a 5G capacity building workshop as part of the U.S.-ASEAN Connect Digital Economy Series in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 23, 2019.

The workshop came after the ROK and the United States agreed on the need to strengthen economic cooperation in Southeast Asia in their “3rd Senior Economic Dialogue” held in December last year.

The workshop, held under the theme “Policy Frameworks for the Future of 5G,” served as an opportunity to introduce future 5G technology and to help ASEAN countries to better prepare for the 5G era.

Participants from the United States, ROK, and private sector shared their experiences and introduced new technologies.

Participants in the workshop said that it was a useful opportunity to discuss a range of issues, including 5G technology, relevant policies and regulatory environment, as well as industrial potential.