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3rd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Training Workshop 2023
June 23, 2023

Yogyakarta, June 12-15, 2023. Youth comprise approximately one-third of the ASEAN region’s total population. As the region’s future leaders, ASEAN’s youth benefit from meaningful skill development opportunities that could lead them to influence policies that could directly impact their lives. To achieve this, USAID partnered with the ASEAN Foundation and organized the ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest.  

Held bi-annually since 2019, this year’s competition focused on community resilience by promoting youth community advocacy efforts within the ASEAN region. Of the more than 150 applications received, 20 youth finalists were selected from all ten ASEAN member states to attend a regional training workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from June 12-15. 

Candidates developed campaigns on issues ranging from mental health, living healthier lifestyles, education for marginalized/ indigenous communities , and strengthening climate resilience through action. The finalists will use their new skills to conduct a social media campaign and compete for a $2,250 cash award for top winners to  be  selected in July. 

One of the finalists from the Philippines, Krsytel Penaflor, shared that the training gave her the opportunity to become an agent of positive change, not only in the Philippines, but also ASEAN as a whole. The four-day training gave her the idea that social media is a powerful platform to send a message and create a positive impact in the community that mobilizes action. Amal Radzuan, a finalist from Brunei Darussalam, said “The training workshop was a game changer for aspiring journalists, and it also provided the opportunity to make new friends from different cultural backgrounds. It gave me confidence to talk to others and travel to other countries.”

This year’s contest is jointly supported by the ASEAN Foundation and the U.S. government, through the ASEAN-USAID Partnership for Regional Optimization in the Political-Security and Socio-Cultural Communities (PROSPECT) program. USAID is committed to promoting youth engagement and empowerment to raise diverse voices, creativity, and energy in helping address critical issues in communities and pressing regional challenges.